Gerana Village

Ethnographic complex

Gerana village ethnographic complex is located in Orizare, some 15 km from Sunny Beach resort.

It goes with the old custom to receive our guests with freshly baked bread, salt and pepper under the sounds of Bulgarian bagpipe.

Experience the fascinating variety of settings and events inspired by Bulgaria’s history. Get to know national costumes from the different ethnographic regions along with everyday items from The Bulgarian Way of Life.

There is an authentic watermill, a historic house museum and workshops exhibiting Bulgarian workmanship. Unique machinery for agriculture and crafts are at display together with a colourful collection of original carts. Our guests are welcome to participate in Work and Crafts traditional activities like making pottery, milking a goat, weaving on a loom and folk dancing.

We are proud to present our folklore restaurant and its menu: a selection of the world-famous Bulgarian cooking. A dinner at Gerana village is the best companion to the incredible evening show that awaits you there.You will witness the making of banitsa while our chefs prepare for you traditional beans soup, fresh shopska salad, grilled meat, wood-fired oven bread and desert. Savour a sip of plum or grape rakia and drink, as much as you wish, Bulgarian white or red wine. Whatever we serve you – meal or beverage, appetizer or main dish – comes with our promise of careful preparation and excellent quality.

The evening spectacle at Gerana village is an insight into Bulgarian cultural heritage. Our programme will take you on an unforgettable journey through genuine acts including a diverse selection of national dance and a variety show.Pay special attention to the picturesque kukeri presentation, a display of national costumes and masks, and to the breath-taking nestinari performance of men and women dancing on glowing embers.