The Bulgarian Way of Life

Gerana village shelters hundreds of original items from the everyday life of Bulgarians. The exhibition can be seen in the rooms of the national house museum and in the estate’s wide courtyard.

Work and Crafts

Industriousness and fine craftsmanship are highly appreciated in our country. Here is a display of authentic machinery and tools for cultivation and production. Ancient professions come to life in the hands of skillful craftsmen whose work can be observed on-site.


Faith and Culture

Orthodox Christianity has been keeping Bulgarian spirit for almost 1200 years. The doors of the “St. Dimitriy” chapel are open for all wishing to touch this most cherished part of our tradition.
Our ancestors’ art is everywhere. Music, dance, icons, wood-carving… Gerana village will embrace you with genuine emotions that have touched generations of Bulgarians. Our spectacle will let you witness world-famous celebrations of Bulgarian tradition like Kukeri and Nestinari.