Centuries of existence at the border between continents and civilizations have taught us to receive and send away our guests so that they remember us with good. The renowned Bulgarian hospitality is our tradition and a duty we fulfill with proud.
A young girl in a national costume awaits in front of the gates of Gerana village to serve you bread, salt and pepper under the sounds of a bagpipe.

In the garden

A walk inside our fruit garden will show the guests typical national and regional crops.

You can pick and try – depending on the season – cherries, peaches, or grapes, grown to the traditional Bulgarian methods of agriculture

The Zoo

Do not miss having a view of our lively zoo sheltering wild and domestic animals that inhabit the Balkan.

We take care of different species of birds (peacocks, partridges, turkeys, hens) and mammals (deer, wild boars and pigs, goats, hedgehogs) and near the historic house museum we keep an open-air turtle terrarium.

For the Kids

The vivid experience at Gerana village is probably most exciting for the youngest of our visitors. For their unforgettable experience we have prepared a children’s playground and a number of amusements – from pottery-making to taking part in our evening spectacle.